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We are very dedicated in inspiring both staff members and students into an industry that I am very passionate about, I believe in nothing more than to interact with both staff members and students to help them build on new and existing skills.

We use our industry and professional experiences to motivate, guide and encourage students into a rewarding industry. With our years of teaching and managerial roles the experiences gained within our previous roles makes us able to inspire more people.

A continual thirst for knowledge and understanding within the Hair & Beauty Industry led us to continuously progress in our careers. We started off as a Beauty therapists then progressed onto teaching and within the last couple of jobs roles became a school and salon managers. Our desire to impart our knowledge and love of learning took us into teaching and our managerial roles; We have a good attention to detail in all aspects of teaching and very good at using our personal judgement to make decisions and problem solving where necessary. This has made us very adaptable when dealing with students on an individual basis.

We are creative individuals who have an imaginative and creative approach to teaching and being energetic and enthusiastic people, We feel that we inspire our own students.

Our experiences within teaching across the curriculum in Hair and Beauty has widened our understanding of progression in these subjects, and the importance of relational understanding to support student’s future learning.

Our expertise of teaching has allowed us to deliver across all types of programmes 14-16, 16+ apprenticeships, and private students whose study programmes may require different elements, having had the opportunity to work across many programmes we have had the experience in delivering NVQ`s, VRQ`s, for both Hairdressing and Beauty. 

SJC Training is trading as HB Academy which is a fairly new training provider that has had our first intake of students to commence their qualifications in January 2019, offering Hair and Beauty. Full-service dedicated to consistently providing high customer and student satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price/value relationship. We also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects equality & diversity, ideas, and hard work. Bespoke delivery of all qualifications to facilitate each individual student. 


the team

Richard Potts


Hairdressing / Barbering Tutor

Sam Bazukuvvet


Hairdressing Tutor / Work Experience Officer 

SaraLee Jones


Beauty Tutor / Assessor / IQA

Emma Smith


Beauty Tutor / Safeguarding Officer / Staff Manager

Michelle Warner


Beauty Tutor